10 Week Challenge
The 10 Week Challenge is member's favorite. Here's the outstanding results our members produced doing the challenge. Congrads to you ALL!

Overtall Top Male Winner

Pat Blazek
age: 55
Lost 29lbs. Inches lost: 13.67"

Top Female (In Weight) Winner

Brandi Leo
age: 24
Lost 17lbs. Inches lost: 13.67"

Top Female (In Inches) Winner

Melissa Saul age: 39
Inches lost: 13"  

Workout Partners that tied in inches lost

Brenda Cadenhead & Nancy Elrod  
Inches lost per person 11.17"  

Results taken from 15 of the 38 members that signed up
Group Total: Weight Loss of 142.5 lbs.
Group Total: 72.4% Body Fat Loss.


Even more success!
Scott is 36 years old and lost 10.34" inches. His body fat was a whopping 16.5%. He dropped down to 7.3%! Scott believed in "sweating" off the inches and pounds. Scott had a goal and he achieved it by staying focused!



The Mind/Body classes are his favorite on the schedule.
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